Research Team

Julie Santos, PA-C., Sub-Investigator

Julie Santos, PA-C, is a certified physician’s assistant with Skin and Cancer Associates and The Center for Cosmetic Enhancement®, in Aventura, FL. For the past 14 years, under the direction of Dr. Mark S. Nestor, she has performed a multitude of both clinical dermatologic and cosmetic enhancement procedures which include I &D’s, biopsies, D & C’s, excision and repairs, laser surgeries as well as oversees the clinical staff for the practice. Further, Mrs. Santos is Sub-Investigator for both investigator initiated and FDA Clinical Trials conducted by the Center for Cosmetic and Clinical Research.

Mrs. Santos received her Bachelor of Science/Physician Assistant Degree from Nova Southeastern University, graduating with highest honors. Additionally, she has continued her training, receiving certifications in Clinical Research Training, and GCP Training from NIH, as well as certification by the National Commission for Physician Assistants. She has served as Sub-Investigator or Clinical Research Coordinator for numerous clinical trials.